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Maximize value for customers & Telco by selling offers that matter.

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Pump up your

Move customers
to 5%-20% higher
price plans

Improve customer

Focus on the offers that matter for your front line, and enjoy 50-90% acceptance rate

Reduce operational

Eliminate costly manual tasks by running transparent and automated process

Optimize offers based on feedback

Capture and react in real time to customer and sales feedback

What’s the best deal you can offer?

Meet Erica

  • She’s an independent blogger & lifestyle journalist.
  • Her cell phone is an essential work tool.
  • Erica pays $19 for 8GB per month.
  • She usually ends up using 10 GB per month.
  • Her contract ends in 37 days.
  • $19 for
    8 GB

    No offer

    The customer expects a special offer but gets nothing instead. Telco has nothing to sell and there are no conversions. Both customer and telco lose.

    • Difficult to sell offers
    • Low conversion rate
    • Customers complain

  • $19 for

    Crazy offer

    The customer gets a very good offer for a very low price. It’s easy to sell for telco and conversions are high. The customer wins, but telco loses in a long run.

    • Smaller ARPU
    • High conversion rate
    • No options left for future upgrades

  • $24 for
    8 GB

    Bad offer

    The customer gets an irrelevant or too expensive offer. It’s hard for the telco to sell it, so conversions are low. Both customer and telco lose.

    • Hard to sell offers
    • Low conversion rate
    • Customers complain

  • $24 for
    16 GB

    Good offer

    The customer gets a better plan for a slightly bigger price. It’s easy for the telco to sell and the conversions are high. It’s a win-win for the customer and for the telco.

    • Higher ARPU
    • High conversion rate
    • Customer happiness improves

To deliver the best experience to the millions of customers you need to answer 5 questions:

1. How do I make sure we have the right price plans?

2. How do I
recommend the
right offer?

3. How do I focus my sales channels on the offers that matter?

4. How do I monitor the business impact of my offers?

5. How do I create and accelerate a learning cycle based on customer & sales channel feedback?

Top Performance NBO provides you with the right tools to respond to all questions above.

Move up to the next level of telco excellence

Identify gaps in your price plan portfolio with Gap Radar

  • Understand how your price plan portfolio matches customer needs.
  • Find gaps in your existing offer portfolio.
  • Analyze the whole customer base or a specific segment.
  • Overlay competitive offers on your customer base.

Easy & flexible offer maintenance with Offer Manager

  • Easily manage rate plan, handset and other offers.
  • Group offers to target specific customer segments.
  • Easily add custom attributes.

Match offers and customer needs using AI with Recommendations Library

  • Rate plan recommendations – Match price plans with individual or segment needs.
  • Handset/ device recommendations – Identify the best handset for every customer.
  • Digital services recommendations – Identify additional relevant digital services.
  • Other recommendations – Load your own recommendations.

React instantly to changing market conditions with Strategy Designer

  • Prioritize different recommendations such as rate plans, handsets, VAS and more.
  • Manage and adjust recommendations for multiple subscriptions under the same account.
  • Design segment-specific strategies.
  • Capture and react to real time feedback from customers and sales channels using Reinforcement Learning-powered NBO algorithm.
  • See customer experience impact in a single place: track conversions, NBO acceptance rate and revenue change.

Learn more about real time feedback driven offer optimization.

Focus sales channels on the offers that matter with Courier

  • It’s an API, so business systems can extract the latest offers for customers in real-time.
  • Insert the offers into Web, Mobile apps and CRM via embed code snippets.
  • Present the most relevant offers to the customer in digital channels.
  • Ensure the front line agents see the most relevant offers when talking to a customer.

Visualize instantly how sales channel meets customer needs with Deal Radar

  • Evaluate all rate plan recommendations.
  • Get an overview of the business impact.
  • Analyze granular insights at the customer level.
  • Find explanations on why a deal is “Good” or “Bad”.
  • Track conversions, churn and ARPU impact for every type of deal.

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NBO & NBA eGuide: a step-by-step framework on how to succeed in your process

The guide reviews all essential attributes of the Next Best Action (NBA) and Next Best Offer (NBO) process and features implementation strategies that generate substantial business outcomes for telecoms

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Our Top Performance NBO App is powered by Exacaster Customer 360

Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed specifically for telecoms

Top Performance NBO App is built on Exacaster’s cloud-based Customer Data Platform. This advanced telecom platform provides a comprehensive view of each customer by collecting massive amounts of data from a wide range of sources, such as satisfaction rating, social media activity, device, OTT usage, purchase & billing and digital service usage.

The benefits of our cloud-based CDP App include:

  • Major cost savings
  • On-going maintenance & development
  • Shorter launch cycles
  • Built-in industry best-practice