Exacaster is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful new version of our Next Best Offer (NBO) application. Now, marketers and sales teams can rapidly and automatically leverage customer and sales feedback data in real time to determine which offers are being recommended to customers across all channels.

This dramatically tips the scales in favor of any company seeking improvements in KPIs such as customer experience, conversion, revenue, customer lifetime value, and profitability. Exacaster will be showcasing the new release at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, Spain on June 28 – July 1.

How does the new Top Performance NBO version work for marketers?

The accurate, immediate capture of customer reviews and product ratings enable a dramatic improvement of the increasingly digital shopping experience. However, most telcos have no way to quickly leverage this data in their personalisation and recommendation strategies. 

Top Performance NBO App logoTop Performance NBO is a prebuilt software application stacked on our Customer Data Platform designed for mobile, fixed, and converged operators. The app collects and incorporates real time feedback and acts based on customer opinion. The use of cutting edge Reinforcement Learning AI algorithms closes the learning loop and automates the corrective actions.

With direct feedback about customer needs and purchase experiences, there’s no guesswork involved about how your offers fare when it comes to customer satisfaction. Brands can rapidly identify and weed out bad offers, and clearly understand what needs to change to serve customers better. Adjustments are made to the offer mix automatically for instantaneous improvement thanks to use of AI.

Top Performance NBO App

How does the new Top Performance NBO version work for sales?

On the sales end, sales team feedback is captured in real time as well which enables fast, continuous sales signals towards marketing and product development teams, leading to product and offering improvements. Sales agents can give direct feedback on current offers, weak spots, and sales process bottlenecks, and it all gets incorporated into the decisions of AI algorithms. 

With the new app version, feedback instantly reaches stakeholders responsible for developing products and services as well.

Powered by Reinforcement Learning algorithms 

Thanks to the latest advances in AI, companies can easily set various goals to optimize from a wide range of KPIs. Then Reinforcement Learning takes over to find the most direct path to meet objectives. Based on real world feedback, offers are adjusted immediately.

Egidijus Pilypas, Director of Product and Data Science at Exacaster says, “We envision this new version of our Top Performance NBO app to be a game changer in marketing and sales technology. It places an incredibly powerful performance improvement tool in the hands of even the smallest company.”

“Unlike current predictive modelling processes that require expensive and difficult one-off modeling and periodic upgrades, our app can execute learning and improvement automatically in real time,” says Pilypas. “Just a few months ago, this would have been a dream solution for many CMOs and Customer Base Managers. Now, our team has engineered it into a reality.”  

Top Performance NBO app shows you at a glance

  • Current AI goals and discoveries
  • Price plan conversion funnel progression and stats
  • Revenue impact and ARPU change
  • NBO driven versus non-NBO sales impact comparison (to track and confirm effectiveness)
  • NBO acceptance rate
  • User and sales experience  

The time has never been better for marketing and sales managers to improve their game. Exacaster’s new Top Performance NBO app feature improves accuracy, execution, speed, and results like never before.

Book a discovery session with Exacaster in MWC Barcelona to see how this new NBO app is transforming the telco industry.