Customer Data Platform for Telecoms

Telecoms face many unique challenges in building a personalized and seamless customer experience across all channels. Why?

There are
too many systems with customer data

The same person in multiple systems looks differently

Obtaining full picture of customer experience is hardly possible

Exacaster Customer 360
collects customer data from all telco systems and makes it
actionable across all touchpoints

Exacaster Customer 360 Touchpoints

Customer data platform (CDP)
enables multiple telecom use cases
with AI-powered algorithms

Users migration from
prepaid to postpaid plans

Identification of early churners

Retention of prepaid plan users

Exacaster Customer 360 capabilities

Connect offline and
online data

Connect all consumer data from offline sources (CDRs, DPI, CRM, billing, network, etc.) and online sources (web, mobile apps, online targeting and retargeting, etc.).

Build golden record of a

Clean customer data, build the golden record and distribute it across all business applications.

Create views for every
subscription, customer
and household

Get multiple customer views – subscription, customer and household – to proactively manage the services.

Get insights from 1000s
of telco specific KPIs

Mobile, TV, broadband, fixed-line and household profiles are available with 1000s of preconfigured KPIs (lifetime, dropped calls, friends, open tickets in call centre, average movie buffering time, etc.) for the digital marketing, BI and AI applications.

Leverage extremely
accurate predictions
and recommendations

Use built-in prediction algorithms such as churn score, next-best-offer to run proactive marketing campaigns and create valuable experiences for the consumers. Algorithms are pre-trained using deep learning techniques that guarantee exceptional accuracy of targeting.

Activate customers in
multiple channels

Expose data for personalization to all marketing channels and customer touchpoints.

Who benefits from the customer data platform in a telco organization?

Apart from the general objective of
improving customer experience,
generating additional revenue or
reducing churn, many teams within a
telecom can benefit from CDP.

Customer care teams

Improve customer experience by providing a comprehensive Customer 360-view for agents.

Customer value
management teams

Improve customer lifetime value through personalized upsell, cross-sell and retention recommendations.


Track sales channels and agent effectiveness. Identify fraudulent cases.

Data science teams

Quickly develop and automate the calculation of new features or KPIs for predictive models using the self-service interface.

IT teams

Seamlessly expose collected customer data into existing BSS systems. Improve access to the latest customer data for business teams.

Digital teams

Integrate a personalized customer experience into digital channels. Understand digital and offline customer behavior overlap.

Exacaster Customer 360 captures all customer data from different siloed systems and creates a unified view of every individual

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