Marketing Automation Platform


Marketing Automation Platform


Exacaster Customer Journey is
a marketing automation platform that
provides all necessary building blocks to enable
personalized marketing


Comprehensive functionality for all customer base management needs covering customer base analytics, segmentation, predictive modeling, personalized campaign management and reporting

Big-data native

Platform is designed to handle high volume of messages in real-time


Integrates with all your digital marketing channels starting from traditional SMS, email, push notifications in mobile apps, digital pop-ups in IP TV or in-store kiosks and more


The platform provides many ways of integration with any business critical system such as billing, offer activation, ERP, CRM and more


Platform can be deployed in cloud and on-premise environments

Real value delivery

The first use case can be deployed in 1 week

How does it work?

Exacaster marketing automation platform consists of 4 main modules:

Campaign Management

  • Easily automate marketing workflows
  • Manage all communication channels with a single integrated platform
  • Scale marketing initiatives and personalize messages for millions of recipients


  • Segment your customer base without technical skills
  • Understand segments better by analyzing their behaviour

Predictive Analytics

  • Instantly launch and automate predictions to improve targeting
  • Leverage self-learning ML algorithms without in-house data science expertise
  • Track and maintain model performance with automated accuracy evaluation dashboard


  • Track campaign performance and impact
  • Dig deeper with bespoke reports using integrated Tableau software – the leading data visualization tool on the market

Exacaster Customer Journey - Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Build personalized customer
experience with ease

  • Real-time and batch campaigns
  • Drag and drop marketing workflow automation
  • A/B testing and custom logic building capabilities
  • Integrations with communication channels: SMS, email, push notifications, etc.


Segment your customer
base for better targeting

  • Simple segmentation process without any technical skills
  • Analyze the behavior of each segment with self-service analysis tools

Predictive analytics

Make smarter decisions

  • Customizable and automated advanced analytics models
  • Automated model accuracy evaluation dashboards


Track and improve campaign

  • Out-of-the box campaign tracking reports
  • Comes with pre integrated Tableau software for ad-hoc analysis

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