Our team – meet the people
behind Exacaster products and services

Who we are?

Exacaster is a big data predictive analytics technology company. We provide vertical AI solutions for Telecommunications and Retail companies that address key sales and marketing challenges including churn or usage prediction, product recommendations, segmentation and real time dynamic pricing.

We also offer three software platforms that catalyze data driven transformations in enterprises: The Data Lake, Smart Marketing Toolkit, and Analytics API.

Our skilled data science team helps telecoms and retailers accelerate the journey with hands-on implementation services including consulting, outsourcing and 24×7 support.

Management team

Exacaster was founded in 2011 by a group of seasoned marketing and data science practitioners, and has become one of the fastest growing companies in Central Europe: In 2016 Deloitte named us among Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in CEE.

Exacaster is privately held.

Šarūnas Chomentauskas

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Previously Sarunas was leading Product development at BITE (a TDC Mobile telecom subsidiary with operations in Lithuania and Latvia). The product portfolio included Vodafone Mobile Connect, Blackberry, Fixed Internet access, International calls, Telemetry, Mobile internet for phones, VAS and premium services. Before that, Sarunas was COO and co-founder at Metasite, a bespoke software development company.

Egidijus Pilypas

Director of Product and Data Science & Co-founder

Director of Product and Data Science & Co-founder at Exacaster, Egidijus has 11 yrs experience of applying machine learning tech in financial, telecom and retail sectors.
He has a masters degree in mathematical statistics.

Jolita Bernotienė

Sales Director

10 yrs of marketing and product management experience at fixed and mobile
operators. Previously Jolita worked as Prepaid segment and product development
manager at BITE Group (a TDC Mobile telecom subsidiary with operations in
Lithuania and Latvia) and as product development manager at Telia Lithuania (a
fixed-line telecommunications company).

Martynas Rudokas

Customer Success Director

Brings over 10 yrs of experience in consumer marketing, product management,
project management and analytics in telecom and retail industries. Previously
Martynas worked as Product and prepaid segment manager BITE (a TDC Mobile
telecom subsidiary with operations in Lithuania and Latvia) and Narvesen (a retail
chain in the Baltics and Scandinavia).

Meet our team

We currently employ a team of over 60 data scientists, big data platform engineers, analysts and consultants.

Our Advisors


Aldas Kirvaitis

Corporate Development

Previously board member at
Forticom; founder of Metasite,
Cherry Media


Darren Ball

Customer Base Management Consultant

Previously Head of Pre-Pay Loyalty
& Retention Marketing at Virgin


Pranas Vaitkus

Scientific Advisor

Professor at Vilnius University;
30+ yrs in machine learning


Eric Komen

Business Development