Just before winter holidays take over, Exacaster team launches a new blog of the latest news, trends, and insights about personalization, customer data management and customer experience in the telco industry.

The first release features:

Analyzing subscriber behavior: 3 advanced metrics built from CDR’s  – call detail record analysis can help any telecom gain valuable insight into subscriber behavior. Learn how to develop key metrics and gain a competitive edge.

What you need to know about Household Identification – in order to build seamless customer experience, BI teams need to identify unique customers throughout different siloed IT systems. We share how we tackle this challenge.

How to improve prepaid retention initiatives – reduce the churn rate in your prepaid customer base with these best practices building effective retention campaigns.

And last but not least, refreshing read about our learnings from one of the biggest tech conferences in the world WebSummit 2019.

Welcome to Exacaster blog!