Exacaster launches a revolutionary AI powered software product for Communication Service Providers that helps optimize the value of their customer base. The easy to use, quick to deploy solution helps marketing professionals achieve the elusive win-win balance when both the company and the customer are happy with the offer. 

Vilnius, December 7, 2020 — Exacaster, an innovative AI technology provider for the telecommunications industry, announced the launch of their Top Performance NBO App which is set to significantly improve the way telecommunications companies manage their offering process. Research shows that nearly 50% of offers given are not really optimized for maximum impact. Up to 30% of customers today are not happy with the offers they receive from their service providers – some offers are too expensive, others offer no real upgrade. Another 20% of customers end up grabbing offers that are simply too good to be true, forsaking future revenue growth for the telecom. The industry has seen revenue stagnation and slow upside for years now in diverse markets and is actively looking for ways to get back to growth.

For a long time telecommunications marketers have been executing various Next Best Action / Next Best Offer (NBA/NBO) strategies. Many implementations have proven challenging and time consuming, as tackling the difficulties of telecom data integration and complex offer portfolios is not a trivial task. Many rely on manual processes to this day. Growing service portfolios make the need for a fresh, more automated approach highly anticipated. 

Deal Radar visualizes how well the sales channel meets customer needs right now, and how this impacts telco business KPIs

Exacaster Top Performance NBO offers a new, alternative solution that is revolutionary in several important ways. It is able to operate with small bits of most crucial customer data. It heavily relies on AI. It is very easy to use for non-technical users. And last, but not least – it can be deployed in 1 day and scaled to serve millions of customers thanks to modern cloud technology. 

“Telcos have been eager for this kind of solution for years. They knew about the potential advantages locked inside big data and predictive analytics, but nothing, until now, put the pieces together in a rapidly deployable and workable way. Top Performance NBO App is the result of our 10 years of day-to-day experience helping telecoms solve their marketing challenges. It’s a game-changer,” said Exacaster CEO and co-founder Sarunas Chomentauskas.

The AI Impact Telecoms Have Been Waiting for

Top Performance NBO App delivers business results that have proven to be very compelling. It delivers ROI in weeks. Tests in multiple markets show that it improves both the telco customer experience and rapidly increases ARPU. Early adopters report 50-90% NBO acceptance rates among postpaid contract renewals. The outcome for the telco has been an impressive 5-20% ARPU increase at the same time. 

This is accomplished through a simple user interface that gives access to advanced data analytics and deep learning AI under the hood, without needing an army of Data Science PhDs to manage and execute it. The solution is fully automated and makes the offer management process significantly more optimized & automated.

Powered by Customer Data Platform for Telecoms

Top Performance NBO App is built on a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for telecoms – “Exacaster Customer 360. This platform provides an easy way to import and manage customer behavioral profiles derived from a wide range of massive amounts of data, such as satisfaction ratings, social media activity, devices, OTT usage, purchase & billing information, digital service usage, network and much more. CDP processes and sends the data to add-on applications like Top Performance NBO and lets telecoms activate advanced pricing analytics and AI algorithms. 

The use of CDP as the underlying architectural layer brings speed and agility that has never been seen before in the industry. Pseudonymized customer data can be imported and integrated in minutes, while ensuring privacy safeguards. Data integration, storage, and customer profile construction on “Exacaster Customer 360” happens in the cloud and can scale to serve deals for tens of millions of telecom customers. As a result, companies can rapidly configure and leverage highly personalized and dynamic marketing campaigns followed up by detailed tracking and reporting of actual performance. Native integration with digital channels and common marketing tools is available out of the box. 

Marketers Can Now Deliver on the Promise of Personalization 

The core benefit of the Top Performance NBO App is that it allows marketers to identify and offer deals that are best for each and every customer, while avoiding revenue erosion. It delights telecom customers while simultaneously increasing conversion rates and ARPU pleasing the big boss as well. 

Rather than relying on guesswork, manual offer tailoring or a few hero offers that can quickly lose relevance, the Exacaster NBO app crunches data to squeeze every possible advantage out of your entire offer portfolio and produce upside on an ongoing basis.

With Top Performance NBO App, Exacaster is showing the way towards the next generation of telco marketing excellence. Until the end of Q1, 2021 the company provides a unique possibility for any telecom to try out the platform for free – and we promise your NBO proof of concept will be ready in just 1 day.

Top Performance NBO App Features & Benefits

Here are some of the main features and benefits the Exacaster App brings to the telecom:

  • Gap Radar – Automatically finds price point gaps in telcos portfolio. This can be configured to analyze the entire customer base or a specific segment.
  • Offers Manager – Flexible offer bank accepts a variety of offer types such as rate plans, handset upgrades,retention offers, add-ons and more.  
  • Recommendations Library – Matches offers and customer needs using AI. Covers all personalization needs, for example, tailored mobile rate plan recommendations at the segment or individual level.
  • Strategy Designer – Enables instant reaction to changing market conditions, combining and prioritizing recommendation algorithms for rate plans, handsets, VAS, and more based on business needs.
  • Courier – Focuses sales channels on selling best deals in all customer touch points, for instance by showing offers in the Web, Mobile Apps, CRM, and anywhere else offers need to be. 
  • Deal Radar – Visualizes instantly how well the sales channel is meeting customer needs right now, and the impact on business results at the same time. You can see how offers sold impact conversion, churn, and ARPU.