Exacaster, a big data predictive analytics technology company, today announces the launch of next-generation Exacaster Smart Marketing Toolkit platform. The platform provides a powerful software layer that automates regular Customer Base Management and Campaign Management processes for companies who have more than 50 000 customers, integrating multiple communication channels, data sources and predictive algorithms.  The newest generation of Exacaster Smart Marketing Toolkit was designed with six key criteria in mind:

  • Simple – even the most complex campaign must be easy to create without technical skills
  • One platform – run real-time, batch campaigns and all targeting logic in one platform
  • Flexibility – support nearly any campaign scenario imaginable in a maintainable way
  • Multi-channel – support multiple communication channels and integrations
  • Intelligent – support AI and algorithmic targeting and optimization capabilities
  • Secure and GDPR compliant – ensure full compliance with EU GDPR regulation and apply very strict security standards to consumer’ data

Šarūnas Chomentauskas, Exacaster CEO, comments: “Exacaster Smart Marketing Toolkit is one of the most important products of our company. We took 12 months to totally re-imagine and re-architect it based on more than 7 years of experience in this area. We are very happy with the result – a future-proof, flexible platform that creates a long-term foundation for many releases to come and goes a long way towards achieving the design goals set out at the beginning. ”

Selected customers have been beta testing the new platform until now. The current release (2.1.11) is being rolled out to all clients in Q1 and delivers a new user interface & back-end layer.

The major new features and benefits are:

  • A new drag-and-drop user inferace: Every campaign is now a set of logic components connected to a flow. To create a campaign, simply drag & drop a component on the canvas, click on a component to complete a quick set-up and, finally, connect all of the components into a flow. The new design allows building a multi-steps campaign with highly complex logic. It’s like a clean sheet of paper for your most ambitious marketing ideas.
  • A new back-end: the new back-end architecture is based on a micro-services pattern and Apache Kafka, enabling scalability, fault isolation, monitoring and integration with a wide variety of communication channels.
  • Easy scheduling: Campaigns that have to run on a periodic basis can now be scheduled and managed easily as a group or as a separate instance.
  • Flexible targeting: A wide range of logic blocks to target customers are available, ranging from tools to slice your customer database based on customer KPIs to powerful queries that can run over big data sets.
  • Full personalisation: thanks to distributed processing your campaigns can now speak in a fully personalized tone to millions of customers.
  • Compliance: The platform provides an EU GDPR compliant consent management layer for all communication towards consumers. The platform operates with fully encrypted personal consumer data. This makes Exacaster Smart Marketing toolkit one of the few campaign management solutions built with privacy and consumer data security in mind as a key requirement, not as an after-thought.

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