London – March 13, 2013 – Today, Exacaster, a leader in customer behavior prediction analytics for the telecommunications industry announced a strategic partnership with Cognatel, the mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) and mobile services provider. Through the partnership, Exacaster will enable Cognatel to offer its MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) clients cloud based customer behaviour prediction technology to help them reduce subscriber churn, increase marketing effectiveness, and stimulate new revenue.

Every MVNO has a vast amount of customer information and accumulated data from call records , such as usage and spending patterns, handsets IMEIs, top-up locations, and more, yet only a few MVNOs manage to use this data effectively to make data-driven marketing decisions. Exacaster helps operators analyse this data using machine learning and algorithms to identify subscribers most likely to churn and present actionable information to retain them. By constantly analysing the new and historical data, Exacaster’s platform becomes an expert at spotting potential churners, prospective customers, and current customers that may be ripe for upsell of specific products.

“Predictive behaviour technology has previously only been available to the largest global corporations, so we are excited to help our partners better utilise the wealth of data at their disposal to better serve and market to their customers,” said Mark Ashdown , Cognatel CEO.

Exacaster is currently predicting the behaviour of more than 5 million telecom subscribers at carriers throughout the US and Europe and will now be available to Cognatel’s mobile network and virtual network operator partners.

“Cognatel’s commitment to bringing great value to its clients is why we wanted to further develop our relationship and partner with such a great organisation. We are excited to be able to offer our predictive behaviour technology to Cognatel’s MVNOs to strengthen their ability to reduce subscriber churn and increase their revenues,” said Exacaster’s CEO and co-founder Šarūnas Chomentauskas.

About Cognatel

Cognatel is a UK based company that equips brands with the technology and strategic support that allows them to launch sustainable mobile services. Cognatel’s core aim is to crash the barriers to entry for MVNOs bringing them to market faster and at a lower cost through having market leading technology infrastructure integrated into the Vodafone network and offering a fully hosted solution. Cognatel prides itself on helping brands to create branded mobile offers for their own specific target audiences and generate previously untapped revenue opportunities. Cognatel is currently working with a number of large brands including, Age UK, OwnFone, Kontakt and Ovivo, Digital Spring (WWF Wildlife Mobile), helping them to provide a unique MVNO services.

About Exacaster

Exacaster is a leader in customer behavior prediction analytics for sales and marketing organizations in the telecommunications and retail industries. Exacaster’s cloud-based customer behavior prediction service is based on advanced machine-learning technologies and has been developed for marketers to better understand and fully utilize the vast amount of internally collected data from an easy-to-use cloud platform. The platform is currently predicting behavior of more than 5 million customers in eight countries across Europe and U.S.

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