In this episode Šarūnas Chomentauskas and Egidijus Pilypas, founders of Exacaster and hosts of “CVM Stories” podcast, share their motivation behind this podcast, discussing their passion for Customer Value Management (CVM) and sharing their journey in the field. In this episode you will learn:

Part 1: Why did we decided to launch a podcast on customer value management?

  • Unique insights from Šarūnas and Egidijus working with global telecom companies
  • Addressing challenges: secrecy, isolation, and lack of recognition
  • Providing a platform for professionals to connect, learn, and overcome hurdles
  • Rebuilding know-how and maturing customer value management practices
  • Storytelling with experts sharing experiences
  • Raising awareness and promoting the significance of customer value management in telecom

Part 2: What is our experience with Telecom Customer Value Management and Data Analysis?

  • Importance of data analysis and drawing correct conclusions
  • Challenges with using average as a measurement
  • Case study: Missing budget due to fluctuations in average revenue per user
  • Addressing revenue deviations caused by bill shock through a credit limit

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced within the industry, Šarūnas and Egidijus aim to bridge the gap in knowledge sharing and collaboration. They recognize the secretive nature of customer value management within telecom companies and the lack of communication and learning opportunities in a highly competitive and diverse global landscape.

Through “CVM Stories” podcast, Šarūnas and Egidijus seek to connect professionals in the telecom and other industries, fostering a sense of community and facilitating the exchange of experiences and expertise. They address the isolation and loneliness often experienced by those working in customer value management, striving to rebuild know-how within organizations and elevate the field’s recognition.

The podcast format revolves around storytelling, featuring expert guests who share their real-world experiences and insights. Šarūnas and Egidijus encourage their audience to actively participate by asking questions and engaging in discussions, creating a dynamic platform for collective learning.

In this episode, Šarūnas ir Egidijus dives into their personal experience with telecom customer value management and the valuable lessons they learned from analyzing data. They recount their journey of gaining access to logs and discovering significant insights that can drive breakthrough success. Šarūnas emphasizes the importance of proper analysis techniques and avoiding pitfalls, as demonstrated through a specific example of revenue forecasting deviation caused by relying on average values. This discovery led to the implementation of a credit limit to address billing errors and improve overall performance. He also shares their inspiration from the book “Scoring Points“, which explores Tesco’s successful implementation of analytics in their loyalty program. This influential read sparked his passion for applying analytics in a business context and shaping their approach to customer value management. Egidijus also shares his own journey, including involvement in mobile product launches and a fascination with data and AI.

By tuning in to this podcast, CVM professionals can gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the advancement of customer value management practices worldwide. Suggestions for future guests and topics are warmly welcomed, as Šarūnas and Egidijus strive to promote awareness and emphasize the importance of customer value management in telecom and other industries.