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In this episode of CVM Stories, we sit down with Florian Schwarz, a Program Lead in Data-Driven Marketing at A1 Telekom Austria. Florian has over a decade of experience at the forefront of customer value management and data-driven marketing, and he’s here to share his expertise. From tackling churn challenges to navigating the complexities of CVM in the digital age, Florian covers essential topics such as customer centricity, churn management, the role of AI and ML in customer value management KPIs, and the art of experimentation.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understanding Churn Reasons: Recognize the importance of understanding the reasons behind churn and adapting to changing conditions.
  • Timing and Adaptability: Understand the critical importance of timing and adaptability when addressing churn.
  • Focus on Customer Retention: Discover the shift in focus from customer acquisition to customer retention in mature telecom markets.
  • Top 5 Churn Strategies: Explore Florian’s top five strategies for addressing churn, including analyzing churn drivers, customer expectations, and implementing advanced churn prediction models.
  • Complexity of CVM: Recognize the complexity of modern Customer Value Management, which includes integrating digital channels and adapting to evolving products and services.
  • Telecom Product Marketing Challenges: Understand the challenges of product marketing in the telecom industry, given the evolving nature of products and services.
  • Adapting to Customer Behavior: Explore the need for telecom companies to adapt to changing customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Aligning Data-Driven Marketing: Learn about the challenges of aligning data-driven marketing with traditional product-focused approaches in telecom.
  • Balancing Algorithms and Human Decisions: While algorithms are valuable, they may not handle all aspects of CVM, and finding the right balance with human decisions is essential.
  • Customer-Centricity: Emphasize the importance of customer-centricity in Customer Value Management and its relation to customer lifetime value.

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