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Join us in our latest episode, “How to Run CVM When Families Live on $2/Day?” featuring Thierry Awetimbi from Vodacom Congo. Thierry delves into the challenges and strategies of managing customer value in a market where most families live on a minimal budget. He discusses the crucial collaboration between Product and CVM teams and the impact of targeted Below-The-Line (BTL) and Above-The-Line (ATL) offers. This episode is a deep dive into the unique dynamics of a prepaid dominant market and how AI/ML integration is enhancing CVM efforts. Don’t miss these valuable insights into adapting customer engagement in economically diverse environments.

Top 5 Takeaways:

  1. Navigating Linguistic Diversity: Insight into Vodacom Congo’s approach to managing CVM in a multilingual environment with over 200 dialects and 6 main languages, highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity and language inclusivity in customer engagement strategies.
  2. Understanding the Multi-SIM Phenomenon: An exploration of customer behavior in a market where most people use multiple SIM cards, and how Vodacom adapts its retention strategies to cater to this unique aspect of consumer behavior.
  3. Strategies for Price-Sensitive Markets: Discussion on the tactics and challenges of operating in a highly price-sensitive market, where the majority of families live on $2 a day, and how Vodacom tailors its services to meet these economic constraints.
  4. Enhancing Literacy Through Mobile Data: Insights into how Vodacom is leveraging mobile data services, like WhatsApp voice messaging, to cater to and empower non-literate customers, thereby broadening their access to communication and information.
  5. Collaborative CVM Approach: Join the discussion on the dynamic CVM team’s collaboration strategies within Vodacom, including cross-departmental cooperation and overcoming common obstacles in a cooperative work setting.



We hope this episode has provided you with a richer perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the CVM landscape, particularly in unique market conditions like those in Congo. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and expert analyses in upcoming episodes.

Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to continuing this journey of discovery and learning together!


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