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Why Listen

Join us for a fascinating dive into the world of telecommunications with Hermawan Kristanto from Smartfren Telecom, Indonesia. This episode peels back the layers on how telco data is not just about connectivity; it’s a rich resource reshaping industries like retail, banking, and public transport. Discover how your phone is silently shaping experiences around you, from targeted advertising at your local train station to deciding where the next big retail store sets up shop. Hermawan shares frontline insights, unveiling how telco data fuels business and consumer insights in today’s connected world without cookies.

Key Telco Data Monetization Strategies Uncovered in the Episode

  1. Financial Services
    Enhancing financial inclusion by providing telco data to evaluate and score potential banking customers, particularly those who are unbanked or underbanked – individuals or households that have a bank account but still rely on alternative financial services (AFS) outside of the traditional banking system for their financial transactions."We are as the alternative data source. Our job is to verify whether this customer number is active or not. Whether, they already do the SIM swap yesterday or not... We also generate a telco score"
  2. Targeted Advertising
    Utilizing telco data to refine advertising strategies for specific demographics, especially in public transportation settings like railway stations."This railway station also have their own apps. We are able to identify how many customers that visiting, that railway station, having the apps or having the commuter competitor application as well. We can help them to acquire new customers"
  3. Retail Store Location Decisions
    Leveraging data to assist retail chains in determining optimal new store locations."...the partner has population database. And we can get the data from retail company from other location. Using the machine learning approach, we can calculate whether this ABC location is a good fit to open their new stores."

Embrace the “Stay Hungry” Philosophy with Hermawan

Hermawan’s “Stay Hungry” moment is a powerful call to action, reminding us that personal and professional growth is a never-ending journey. It’s an invitation to remain eager, to constantly seek out new challenges, and to always push the boundaries of what’s possible.

“Every day, seek something new. Don’t just come in for the coffee. Explore, learn, brighten your views. This hunger makes you more complete, professionally and personally. Always be hungry for that extra knowledge, for that next challenge. That’s what keeps us moving forward.”

This philosophy underscores the essence of relentless pursuit and passion for knowledge, growth, and innovation.

Final Words

Hermawan Kristanto sheds light on the dynamic relationship between technology, privacy, and rapid digital change. ‘How Telco Data Shapes Finance, Retail, Travel and Digital Businesses’ provides an insightful look into telco data’s impact, prompting professionals to reconsider its capabilities. Join us to discover the hidden influences molding customer interactions and business tactics.


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Smartfren Telecom is fully regulated and complies with Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection (PDP) law and the GDPR. The company will not expose any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as data is already in the form of summaries and scores. It is implemented using highly secure technology and by skilled professionals. Consent management is key to ensuring that customers are aware of and fully understand how the telco manages their data privacy.