Why marketing automation is becoming increasingly important across industries? What to consider before choosing the right marketing automation tool? What is the future of marketing automation? In this episode Vytautas Jurkus, a senior manager for CRM User Experience and Marketing Automation in Western Union, will answer all these questions and more. Vytautas has over 15 years of experience in marketing automation across telco, pharma, security, and finance industries. Don’t miss out on this captivating discussion!

Episode Highlights:

  • Interest in marketing shared by Vytautas Jurkus, a Sr. Manager for CRM User Experience and Marketing Automation at Western Union.
  • The necessary skills to effectively manage the customer lifecycle.
  • Data access and reporting challenges in marketing automation.
  • The importance of communication and collaboration with various teams, including the IT department, is emphasized.
  • Typical day managing CRM and Marketing Automation and Vytautas’ day to day life.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and their significance in measuring success are clarified.
  • Balancing work and personal life for maintaining a clear mind is discussed.
  • The similarities and differences in marketing automation across telco, pharma, security, and finance industries are explored.
  • The creative approach to marketing and personalization is highlighted.
  • The importance of marketing automation and digitalization 
  • The essential toolset required for effective marketing automation
  • The quest for the perfect automation tool and the evaluation of current processes are explored.
  • The Western Union case study on adopting marketing automation and the challenges with different tools.
  • The importance of preparation for automation and considering the business value.
  • Future of marketing automation by Vytautas view.
  • Balancing automation and human control, including legal and privacy implications.
  • The importance of testing and proofreading and Vytautas’ proudest moment.
  • The book recommendation is “Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business”.
  • Reminder that delivering automated messages is not the ultimate goal.

Tune in to this “CVM Stories” episode and embark on an insightful journey into the world of Marketing Automation!