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Why Listen

Join this episode with Sanna Emtinger as she shares her experiences tackling the challenges of defining and understanding customers in the telecom industry. From building detailed customer profiles to merging significant amounts of data during system migrations, Sanna provides a practical look into effective Customer Value Management (CVM). Learn how targeted data management leads to better customer insights and more effective marketing strategies.

Data Points to CVM Success:

  1. Identify the Customer Issue
    Pinpoint a common customer problem that directly affects their service satisfaction, for example, poor WiFi connectivity at home.
  2. Analyze Available Data Points
    Gather and analyze data to understand the underlying factors contributing to the issue. Look at customer demographics, device types, and other relevant data that might influence the problem.
  3. Formulate a Hypothesis
    Develop hypotheses on potential solutions based on the data analysis. For instance, the hypothesis could be that changing the frequency settings on devices will improve WiFi performance.
  4. Communicate the Solution to Customers
    Inform customers about how they can resolve the issue based on the insights gained from the data —like adjusting device frequencies for better connectivity.
  5. Integrate and Expand Data Points
    Continuously add and integrate new data points to refine the customer profile and enhance the solution.
  6. Address Challenges and Refine the Process
    Be prepared to face and overcome barriers, including re-evaluating and adjusting the data strategy.
  7. Establish a Repeatable Model for Other Use Cases
    Develop a systematic approach that can be applied to other customer issues or products.

Episode Highlights

  • Telecom Leadership: Sanna started in the marketing department and evolved into leading Telia Norway’s efforts in Customer Value Management and Marketing Technology, focusing on personalizing customer communication.
  • Data-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies: Sanna implements strategies like building comprehensive customer profiles and using targeted communication tactics to ensure messages reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Technical Challenges of Data Integration: Sanna describes handling complex system migrations and the integration of data from multiple acquisitions, which often resulted in initial data disarray that needed structuring for effective use.
  • Strategic Use of Data in Marketing: By analyzing customer data, Sanna’s team customizes marketing approaches to enhance customer satisfaction and retention, such as adjusting service offerings based on customer usage patterns.
  • Vision for Future Customer Engagement: Sanna aims to expand the use of omnichannel strategies and deeper data analytics to continually improve how they connect with and understand their customers, foreseeing a more integrated and predictive approach to customer interactions.

Sanna’s Recommendations

Connect with the CVM Community
Sanna encourages building connections within the CVM and marketing tech communities. Sharing knowledge and experiences can greatly enhance your CVM strategies.

Final Words

Sanna Emtinger shares valuable insights into Customer Value Management, combining detailed data analysis with practical strategy. Whether through integrating complex data systems or using analytics for deeper customer engagement, this episode offers real lessons from the field. Tune in for actionable insights that could change how you approach customer engagement.


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