April 10, 2019

How do you find and track changes in a client base and figure out why they happened? This is a challenge that many marketing and sales specialists are facing daily, while being locked in a closed problem-solving loop. An AI driven virtual assistant can be a solution that helps to simplify the daily routine of customer base managers who handle hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

After working for nearly a decade with telecoms in the Americas and Europe providing  AI solutions, the Exacaster team has discovered a need across marketing and sales teams. A need for an automated assistant which is capable of extracting actionable insights about the recent changes in the client base, analyzing them and completing this action quickly.

As a response to this need Exacaster’s data science team developed EXA Insights. An AI powered virtual assistant which tracks changes in a client base and helps the managers to get proactive, actionable business insights at the right time. The assistant enables them to understand the causes of changes and react instantly with the right marketing tactics.

EXA Insights has recently been presented in Luxembourg City at the Arch Summit, the premier event for connecting tech startups with corporate decision-makers in Europe.

What benefits are gained from marketing automation and AI technology

Rokas Tamosiunas, Chief Data Scientist at Exacaster, gave an example of a customer base manager, lets call him Peter, who struggles in a loop of business challenges so common for the telecoms industry. “Imagine Peter, who supervises a month-old prepaid price plan, which is driving thousands of new customers. Though an investigation by the analytics department shows that due to bad pricing, many of these subscribers are dropping their old SIM cards and buying new ones simply to benefit from the offer. After spending a week on deep analysis and making a round of meetings, Peter finally succeeds in resolving the problem. However, just few days later a fresh sales report indicates new issues in the client base. The situation requires an urgent reaction and new tailored tactics. A never-ending cycle continues for Peter and his team,” he summarized.

Meanwhile EXA Insights enables data to inform client base managers like Peter with an actionable insights at the right time. The tool reduces the reaction time from months to a couple of days. Rokas Tamosiunas explained that by using hybrid machine learning and statistical techniques, EXA Insights detects important changes automatically as soon as they appear.

Getting business ready slides with the answers to ‘Why’ questions

The virtual assistant automatically generates a business ready slide deck, which is easy to understand and use. The slides can be included in the next meeting right away. See an example of presentation slide deck generated by EXA Insights. 

EXA Insights tracks the changes in a client base

AI assistant not only notifies what has happened, but also provides the explanation as to why the changes occurred, together with the details necessary to take action. Using causal methods and telecom know-how EXA Insights determines the possible causes and delivers only actionable insights.

Are you interested in EXA Insights virtual assistant for your sales and marketing? Do not hesitate to reach out to our data scientist Rokas Tamosiunas.