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In this episode of CVM Stories, we dive deep into the world of Customer Value Management (CVM) with our guest, Ignas Zurauskas. Ignas, an experienced Account Manager at Exacaster, shares invaluable insights into the core elements that drive success in CVM projects. Whether you’re new to CVM or a seasoned professional, this episode offers essential guidance to enhance your understanding and effectiveness in this critical field.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding CVM: Gain a clear understanding of what Customer Value Management is and why it’s crucial for businesses.

The Role of Account Managers: Explore the responsibilities and significance of Account Managers in CVM.

CVM Maturity Assessment: Learn how to assess the maturity of your CVM processes and identify areas for improvement.

Top CVM Challenges: Discover the common challenges faced by CVM teams and how to address them.

Overcoming Over-Communication: Understand the challenge of over-communication with customers in the telecom industry and strategies to combat it.

Offer Relevance: Explore the importance of offering relevant recommendations and recalculating them frequently.

Building on Basics: Learn why it’s essential to establish a strong foundation in CVM before adopting advanced techniques.

Avoiding Big Bang Transformations: Understand the risks associated with implementing massive transformations all at once.

Data Quality Challenges: Explore the impact of data quality on CVM processes and how to tackle these challenges.

Collaboration and Communication: Discover the importance of collaborative communication in breaking organizational silos and achieving customer-centricity.

Book Recommendation: Ignas suggests Problem Solving 101” & “The Major Sales Account Strategy

Join us for this enlightening episode and gain the knowledge and strategies you need to succeed in Customer Value Management projects.