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Dive into this episode with Marek Grabowski as he unveils the core strategies behind Customer Value Management at Orange Poland. From balancing customer value with service volume to the intricate workings of their CVM framework, Marek offers a real-world glimpse into the successes and challenges of enhancing customer engagement. Discover the impact of AI in supporting customer service teams and learn from Marek’s firsthand experiences on driving CVM operations forward.

How flawless CVM execution

enables the ambitious goal of viewing an entire country as your customer base?

  1. The Entire Country Is Your Customer; They Just Don’t Know It Yet
    A vision redefining the scale of CVM, pushing the boundaries of service penetration and market dominance. For example, extend beyond the current customer base to encompass every household in your country, building a comprehensive household reference model.
  2. Run Fast With Agile Team
    Manage CVM operations and projects agilely to boost team efficiency and adaptability. Agile’s rhythm of planning, delivery, and iteration drives impactful outcomes and inspires team engagement.
  3. Measure Your Achievements Daily
    For CVM operations to truly succeed, measure effects daily. Implementing a unified or universal control group, not proactively touched, allows for precise comparisons against the rest of the CVM activities.
  4. Strike Balance Between Operations And Strategy
    Run CVM operations with an ongoing, automated first cycle integrating ML Ops for data processing, and accelerate with a strategic second cycle for new insights, new offers for customers, and partnerships to shape direction.
  5. Climb Through Automation Levels
    Start with analytical teams manually segmenting data to pinpoint potential service buyers. Progress, data scientists employ machine learning models for greater efficacy. The apex is creating an automated ecosystem for ongoing model development and application, with GenAI as the next tool.

Episode Segments

  • Journey to Telecom: Marek shares his unique path in the telecom industry, from family roots to leading CVM innovation at Orange.
  • Empowering Tech for Customer Value: Insights into Marek’s strategic use of machine learning and AI to revolutionize customer engagement and value management.
  • Strategic Balance in CVM: Delving into the complexities of balancing value and volume for revenue growth.
  • Operational Excellence with Agile: How Marek integrates agile methodologies and strategic thinking to enhance operational efficiency and foster innovation.
  • Vision for the Future: Marek’s forward-thinking approach to expanding CVM strategies beyond traditional boundaries, aiming for comprehensive market penetration.

Recommendations by Marek

Engage with the CVM Community
Marek emphasizes the invaluable benefits of networking with CVM professionals across various industries and geographies. He suggests that learning from others’ experiences and sharing challenges and solutions can significantly enhance one’s understanding and application of CVM strategies.

Collaborate and Innovate
He also highlights the importance of collaboration with vendors and partners as a way to gain new insights and explore innovative approaches to CVM. Marek believes in leveraging these relationships to stay at the forefront of the CVM field.

CVM Stories Podcast: A Premier Resource
Marek personally recommends the CVM Stories podcast as a rich source of knowledge and inspiration. His experience listening to interviews with CVM professionals has provided him with valuable insights and prompted him to contribute to the dialogue.

Final Words

Marek Grabowski’s insights provide a clear view into the dynamic field of Customer Value Management, blending strategic foresight with practical applications. Whether it’s the innovative use of ML to empower teams or the critical importance of daily tracking and control groups in CVM operations, this episode is full of lessons learned from both triumphs and trials. Join us to gain valuable perspectives that could reshape your approach to customer value and service excellence.


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