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For next-generation customer base management

Exacaster Smart Marketing toolkit is a customer base management platform that provides all of the building blocks necessary to address the most advanced needs of marketers in the era of Big Data, omni-channel marketing and artificial intelligence.


Comprehensive functionality for all customer base management needs to include advanced data analytics, recommendation engines, campaign management and reporting

Big-data native

Integrate all your data to achieve unprecedented personalization power by
monetizing your big-data assets



Integrates with all your digital marketing channels starting from traditional SMS,
email, push notifications in mobile apps, digital pop-ups in IP TV or in-store kiosks
and more


All components designed to work together for maximum ease and performance



We use open-source technology stack standards such as Spark, Python or SQL to ensure your team does not need retraining


Single price per customer covers all costs providing transparent pricing on-prem or
in the cloud

How does it work?

Exacaster Smart Marketing Toolkit consists of 5 main parts:


  • Track campaign performance with maximum precision at customer level
  • Pre-built dashboards get you up and running
  • Dig deeper with bespoke reports using integrated Tableau Server + Desktop – the leading data visualization tools on the market

Campaign Management

  • Run all campaigns with data-driven decisions – real time, periodically or manually
  • Cover all channels and all campaign scenarios with a single, integrated tool
  • Scale and personalize messages for millions of recipients

Predictive Analytics

  • Use state-of-the-art predictive analytics to target your campaigns better
  • Leverage self-learning models without having in-house data science expertise
  • We maintain and track model performance for you automatically

Customer 360 profile

  • Collect customer data from multiple sources
  • Transform customer data into 1000s of meaningful insights about each customer
  • Access data with your favourite tools (Tableau, Power BI, Excel, etc.) through SQL interface


  • Slice and group your customer base without using SQL
  • Create smart, self-updating segments using flexible rules
  • Use micro-segments to target your campaigns better

Customer 360 profile

Understand your customer

  • Fast way to carry out customer base analysis and predictive analytics
  • Low maintenance, as all metrics are calculated automatically and covered by data quality assurance tests
  • Industry standard data models available for easy real-time data access for third-party tools
  • Out of the box solution for Telecommunications and Retail industries
Customer 360 Profile by Exacaster


Target specific audiences more efficiently

  • Fast segmentation process without special technical skills
  • Customizable segmentation rules
  • Easy tracking of all KPIs

Predictive analytics

Make smarter decisions

  • Customizable and automated advanced analytics models
  • Automatic evaluation and improvement
  • Instantly operate in production
  • Easy to use without in-house data science experience

Campaign Management

Build customer journeys with ease

  • Real-time and batch campaigns
  • Self-service customer journey builder
  • High-volume message personalization including support for real-time data lookup in remote systems
  • Integrated with cloud-based or bespoke channel providers
  • Support for SMS, email, mobile app and arbitrary message delivery
  • A/B and multivariate testing capabilities
  • Automated campaign impact tracking analytics


Evaluate performance with rich visualizations

  • Centralized control over reports to evaluate campaigns easily
  • Fast data calculation thanks to Data Lake capabilities
  • Flexible ways of exposing data to end-use

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