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Many organizations try to implement customer lifecycle marketing programs but end up with a collection of tools and systems that each addresses a narrow, specific need (like focusing only on ETL, data transformation, data visualization, propensity modeling, or campaign execution). Failure to create a comprehensive process from A to Z leads to lack of business results. To be effective every Customer Base Manager needs a single, integrated system that delivers all necessary functionality in a seamless way.

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Our Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution provides a comprehensive, integrated functionality & implementation services addressing all the Customer Base Management needs in one package.

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One-to-one targeted marketing is the dream in many marketing organizations. The key ingredient in making this a reality? Rich, unified customer profiles. Our solution delivers incredibly rich customer profiles calculated from transaction data in one pass, real-time or batch. Profiles for every customer are updated automatically as the underlying data updates. Exportable to standard tools such as Microsoft Excel, Amazon S3 or Hadoop Data Lake , these profiles provide the data foundation for Segmentation, Data Mining, Event Detection and Predictive Analytics.

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Most companies segment customers primitively due to:

  • lack of know-how,
  • lack of information about customers,
  • inability to prepare complete customer profiles,
  • insufficient data science skills.

As a result, marketing organizations suffer from symptoms such as these: New products that fail in the market because the 4P product elements (product, price, promotion, place) do not match customer needs; Low response to direct marketing activities; Falling market share; High churn; Negative perception of advertising.

Our Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution addresses these issues by delivering best-practice segmentation approaches and matches them to the needs of your business. We bring ready-made recipes to implement one or more of:

  • Segmentation by Lifecycle
  • Cohort Segmentation
  • Value / Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) segmentation
  • Behavioral clustering
  • Tactical segmentation with specific business rules (e.g. purchase of specific product)

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One-to-one marketing (sometimes expressed as 1:1 marketing) is a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers. The personalization of interactions is thought to foster greater customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment. 

We believe (and have data to prove it) that this approach delivers superior return on investment compared to all other approaches if three main aspects are covered: Right time, Right offer, Right customer.

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Our solution listens for real-time events via well-defined APIs that you can push events to from all touchpoints where customers interact with your organisation. At the same time, we scan the Big Data repository for trends that emerge over time. By combining these two aspects, we can ensure that the communication to the customer happens at the best possible moment.

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Identifying right offer is at the heart of Customer Lifecycle Marketing. There are three main methods which we use to ensure that offers are relevant. First, we build a hybrid lifecycle / behavioral segmentation. It provides an umbrella that helps understand customer needs and lets marketing team understand what offers should be considered at all. Second, we deploy next best offer scoring which evaluates every offer for relevance to individual customer or a more specialized offer recommendation engine if equipment is included. Finally, we use test & learn methodology to measure response rates and rapidly eliminate non-performing offers.

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When targeting customers, we scan the Big Data repository for relevant behavioral hints and clues. We use customer lifetime/future value assessment and propensity modeling to obtain multiple perspectives on the customer and decide if an offer should be given to this particular person.

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Running properly personalized Customer Lifecycle Marketing is nearly impossible without a high degree of automation. Our solution makes comprehensive automation a reality with trigger-initiated campaigns as well as recurring marketing blasts with personalized content.

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Our Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution solves your Customer Retention challenges in 4 steps:

STEP 1: Understand who churners are.
Definition of churn. Churner profiling. Unusual patterns search.

STEP 2: Understand why churn happens.
In-depth hypothesis brainstorming and validation. Tracing backwards of how churners become this way.

STEP 3: Identify priority retention groups and focus customer base management team.
For example, reduce new customer churn from 100% per year to 50% per year.

STEP 4: For every churner group, establish reactive and pro-active processes.
Re-active processes aim to recover customer who are at risk today. Pro-active processes aim to prevent future customers from falling into the same trap as churners. For example, New customer churn is fixed by changing pre-acquisition and post-acquisition processes.

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Exacaster visualizes the data and allows you to understand what customers you are acquiring – how they are alike or different and whether you are getting what you have expected.

  • Learn how your new customers are different based on their connection month via cohort analysis.
  • Analyze if your welcome activities affects their loyalty and spending.
  • See predicted new customer lifetime and revenue.
  • Look up where your new customers are geographically and plan your acquisition activities accordingly.

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Exacaster enables you to identify clients with the highest up-sell potential and increase up-sell campaign response rates by an order of magnitude compared to targeting of random or manually selected samples.

Increase revenue in 4 easy steps:

STEP 1: Short term fixes
Check for fraudulent/negative margin customers. Exacaster platform enables identification and constant automated tracking of customers exhibiting irregular usage patterns that may be indicative of fraudulent activities. It enables you to download lists of customers exhibiting irregular behavior so that you can easily act on your findings.

STEP 2: Up-sell rest of base with already popular VAS/add-ons
Identify well-performing add-on products and up-sell them to rest of base.

STEP 3: Search for opportunities in top up/plan ordering process
Use strategically placed hints, reminders, recommendations to nudge customers.

STEP 4: Search for opportunities in pricing, product sizing
Cluster customers by behavior and develop products fitting specific niches better at a premium.

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Our solution begins with data integration. By constantly analyzing current and historical data, the system becomes very good at spotting patterns of interest to marketers. In real world deployments, there is often a gap between analytics and action. Exacaster provides marketing automation and campaign management that is directly linked to analytics, thus providing a unique solution for carriers to address all marketing needs.


Raw CDR level data is loaded daily to Exacaster platform.[gap]Data files are split by brand to support multiple brands on the same installation.
Algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns and automatically learn from experience.
The algorithm calculates a score for each subscriber.[gap]Each score is updated weekly or monthly.
A target group + control group is made available for retention or up-sell activities.
Campaign results for target and control groups are tracked automatically.

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