We predict that you will…

…stay fit and healthy by tracking your fitness journey using an ultra-advanced wristband.

Keeping track of yourself is the first step to living a better and healthier life in 2020!

We predict that you will…

…become aware of your genes and their influence on your health, life, and happiness — by undergoing a personalized DNA test.

Why not discover the hidden facets of your genome so you can make healthier decisions based on your very own DNA?

We predict that you will…

…consider choosing IoT automation for your home so you can monitor air and regulate room temperature, intelligently and automatically—like Nest does.

We predict that you will…

…join the DIY movement by making new decorations or building new, cool furniture for your home.

Get inspired by other designers and save the environment while being creative!

We predict that you will…

…not be surprised by Joker getting so many credits and awards from the Film Academy during the 2020 Oscar Show.

The movie’s acting and subject are certainly worthy of recognition!

We predict that you will…

…get on Disney+ and stream some entertainment for the little ones.

And if you don’t have any kids around, why not relive some of your best childhood memories with good ol’ Walt Disney?

We predict that you will…

…shout and scream with thousands of other fans at Tokyo’s Summer Olympic games.

Hopefully your country will bring home the gold medals—fingers crossed!

We predict that you will…

… resist following Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram. Also don’t spend endless hours on social media. It’s time to re-evaluate how you spend your precious day.

Instead, plunge into a 5-minute guided meditation by Headspace to reduce stress and improve mindfulness!

We predict that you will…

… plan a long, deserved vacation to recharge your energy bar back to 100%—but you’ll need to leave your home for a few weeks.

Why not rent your vacant apartment via Airbnb while away on an adventure? Contribute to the sharing economy and make some cash!

We predict that you will…

… venture off to an exciting holiday destination: Spain, USA or maybe Lithuania – a tiny hidden jewel in Central Europe.

Come to Vilnius and see the decorative Christmas tree in Europe surrounded by the medieval architecture!

Make smarter decisions

These predictions are great. But they are based on general statistical data—meaning anyone can experience these events in 2020 :)

Truly personalized predictions require far more data, analysis and calculations.

This is where AI automation comes into play. AI is here to make our lives less occupied with boring stuff—it’ll help you make time for activities that you truly value!

Let 2020 be filled with many lovely and unique moments.

Happy New Year!